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Drive with us.

Auto parts distributors and specialists.


About Us

Ascending with purpose.

Innovation drives this industry.  Anyone can sell motor parts; we're finding new ways to source new products, daily.


Years of expertise give us our unique edge on the competition.  Decades of sales have us climbing steadily towards the top of our field.  A lifetime of love for going just a little faster, pushing just a little harder, and clearing that next mountain?  That's what gets us up in the morning and excited to be Mountain Power Systems.



Industrial.  Agriculture.  Marine.  Automotive.

We struggled to focus on one, so we opted to combine all the industries into one company.  What one department learns from their field gets passed along to the other departments.  Those innovations get passed along in the form of savings, new products, and unorthodox solutions for our customers.

We're small business running like big business, and that's because we know our greatest resource is human.  Our team is proud and excited to see what the next day of work brings.  For 9 years we've been unafraid to compete in the world market, combining integrity with aggressive expansion to bring our extensive catalog of the highest-quality products directly for sale to the end-user consumer.

eCommerce is the future.  Our innovations are the future.  Mountain Power Systems is the future.

We'll see you tomorrow.




144 Old Lystra Rd, Suite 6

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Tel: 919-436-4128

Fax: 919-438-0842


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